Fore River Bridge Replacement

Through its Accelerated Bridge Program, Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) identified bridges throughout the state that needed crucial upgrades. The Fore River Bridge, which connects Quincy to Weymouth, MA, was deemed one of five “mega projects.” The original 80-year-old bascule art deco bridge was replaced in 2004 by a temporary structure, that only served as a salve to the bridge’s structural deficiencies.

STV provided a suite of engineering and construction support services for the new, 2,640-foot vertical lift bridge with a 75-year lifespan. With an increased vertical clearance of over 220 feet when open, the bridge helps reduce traffic congestion for commuters. As part of a design-build team, STV’s role evolved from its early participation conducting an initial evaluation of suitable replacement options into the final design and construction phase services. The firm developed the Fore River Bridge design, environmental assessment, public outreach and design-build procurement document preparation services to facilitate the construction.

feet vertical clearance in open position

year original bascule bridge built

feet long

In replacing an aging bridge, upgraded vertical lift structure eases congestion for commuters.


Massachusetts Department of Transportation


Quincy/Weymouth, Massachusetts


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